Toronto High Park FC – Technical Director

On April 18, 2016 a new adventure has started for me. I began my first day at Toronto High Park FC as their new Technical Director. I cannot wait to get started in this new role in such a beautiful area of Toronto.

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Copy and Pasted Press Release Below:

 Rahim Mohamed takes TD role April 18

Published Tuesday, March 29, 2016
Toronto High Park FC is proud to announce that, after an exhaustive search that involved dozens of candidates from around the globe, Rahim Mohamed has been appointed as the Club’s new Technical Director.
Rahim comes to us from Byron Optimist Soccer Club of London, Ontario, where he was that club’s Technical Director.
Rahim has an extensive list of football-related experience, ranging from work with community clubs, colleges and universities, and the professional ranks in both North America and Europe.  He has also been involved with things as varied as the marketing of football-related technology and the development of programs delivered by organisations like the Ontario Soccer Association.
Rahim also has a long list of high-level football-related credentials from Canada, the United States, England and Europe, indicating a commitment to education and personal development.  I can tell you that he is well-regarded on both sides of the Atlantic.
A long list of Rahim’s impressive accomplishments can be found below.
As a person, Rahim is an energetic and positive individual.  He is smart, personable and engaging.  He is exactly the kind of person we want speaking for THPFC in technical matters and providing leadership for our coaches and players.
We see Rahim’s hiring as an inflection point in the history of THPFC.  As members, you can expect many positive changes in the coming months and years, regardless of the programs you are involved in.
Rahim takes on his new responsibilities April 18.
Rahim and his wife Courtney are relocating from London to our community so Rahim can take on this challege.  They are already talking excitedly about checking out Roncey, BWV and The Junction, as well as giving their dog a chance to explore High Park.
Please join me in welcoming Rahim and Courtney to Toronto High Park FC and our community!
William Buckingham
President, Toronto High Park FC
Comments from around the world:
Adhering to NCAA rules and regulations requires not
just reliability to do administrative tasks, but integrity
and great ethical standards, both of which I believe
Rahim demonstrated. Rahim is an extremely hard
working individual who is willing to go above and
beyond. I found Rahim to be dedicated to his job as
well as passionate about his career which I believe to
be important for a coach.
– Brandi Guerinot (University of Buffalo NCAA Compliance Officer)
I’ve known Rahim for 6 years and throughout that time he
has continued to improve in all aspects of coaching.
From identifying and developing talent to managing players
and dealing with technology such as match analysis systems,
he is always growing and staying ahead of the curve.
The reason for his continual growth is his mentality and
attitude toward the game as well as life. He has a growth
mindset that others will have to try to keep up with…..good
luck to those trying!
– John Pascarella (Sporting Kansas City)
I have known Rahim for over three years in a coaching capacity. He has
shown a very good knowledge of youth development and has
developed an excellent reputation as a leader in soccer development
throughout Ontario and Canada.  Rahim shows great enthusiasm for his
position as Coaching Development Manager at Apex IFC and is
motivated to develop the consultancy further, but also to develop his
own knowledge and skills. Rahim is a friendly, approachable individual
who has good communication skills and a love for the game of soccer.
– Victor Satei (Apex IFC Director)
Rahim was an outstanding candidate on the NSCAA
Advanced Director of Coaching Course. He took a leadership position in the
group and was an active participant in Module 1 and
during the online sessions. He was willing to share his
experiences but was very open to new ideas and
viewed acquiring them as a way to grow. He is a
consummate professional who takes great pride in his
profession. He is a strong communicator and
demonstrated ethical behaviour at the highest level.
– Andrew Donnery (NSCAA Adv. DOC Tutor)
Rahim is a forward thinking coach with
outstanding leadership skills. A
meticulous planner both on and off
pitch, he possesses a great insight of the
game and developing players to fulfill
their potential.
– Taff Rahman (EPL Academy Coach)
  • NSCAA Top 30 Under 30 (2013 – Inaugural Class)
  • Canadian Sport 4 Life (CS4L) Leaders School (2013)
Completed Courses:
  • NSCAA Master Coach Diploma
  • USSF National B License
  • UEFA B Part 1
  • USSF National C License
  • US National Youth License
  • USSF E License
  • NSCAA Advanced Director of Coaching Diploma
  • NSCAA Director of Coaching Diploma
  • NSCAA Premier Diploma
  • NSCAA Advanced National Diploma
  • NSCAA National Diploma
  • NSCAA Special Topics Diploma (Cary,NC) – Systems of Play
  • NSCAA Special Topics Diploma (Manchester,UK) – Long-Term Athlete Development with Renee Meulensteen
  • NSCAA Player Development Curriculum
  • NSCAA Online Diploma
  • NSCAA – Webinar – Top Ten Live and On-Demand Coaching Clinics
  • NSCAA – Webinar – World Cup Series
  • NSCAA – Webinar – European Champions League Series
  • NSCAA – Webinar – Key Moments in the Game
  • NSCAA – Webinar – Defending Principles of Player for Youth
  • NSCAA – Webinar – Coaching U6, U8, U10
  • NSCAA – Webinar – Attacking Principles of Play for Youth
  • OSA Provincial ‘B’ License
  • OSA Pre ‘B’ License
  • OSA Youth, Child, Senior Licenses
  • English FA Youth Module 1
  • English FA Youth Module 2
  • English FA Level 1
  • English FA Age Appropriate Training Module
  • English FA Online Coaching Children
  • World Football Academy – Periodisation Mentorship (Basic, Advanced, Specialist)
  • World Football Academy – Webinar – Pre-Season Periodisation
  • World Football Academy – Webinar – Youth Football Periodisation
  • World Football Academy – Webinar – Football Braining
  • LMA School of Management 2: Evaluating Performance
  • Coerver Youth Diploma
Other Accreditation:
  • ISPAS Level 2 – Performance Analysis
  • CS4L Leaders School 2013 – Sport 4 Life Leader
  • CS4L Mini-Summit – Periodization
  • CS4L Mini-Summit – Building the Train to Train Athlete
Conferences/Events Attended:
  • NSCAA Annual Convention 2016
  • NSCAA Annual Convention 2015
  • NSCAA Annual Convention 2014
  • NSCAA Annual Convention 2013
  • NSCAA Annual Convention 2009
  • NSCC 2016
  • NSCC 2015
  • NSCC 2014
  • NSCC 2013
  • OSA Soccer Summit 2016
  • OSA Coaching Conference 2015
  • OSA Coaching Conference 2014
  • CS4L National Summit 2014
In Progress:
  • UEFA B Part 2
  • LMA: Creating a Culture of Excellence
  • University of Western Ontario – Bachelor of Arts
  • Fanshawe College – General Arts and Sciences Diploma (President’s Honour Roll)
Coaching/Work Experience:
  • Byron Soccer Club – Technical Director
  • Academy Soccer Coach – Canada
  • State University of New York at Buffalo – Men’s Soccer First Assistant and Recruiting Coordinator (NCAA D1)
  • Fanshawe College Women’s Assistant Coach
  • FC London PDL Assistant Coach
  • FC London Academy – Assistant Academy Manager U6-11
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