Notes: Youth Module 2 – English FA

English FA Youth Module 2 Notes:

To follow from posting Module 1 notes last week, here are notes for module 2!

No matter what course I go on, I try to make sure I take good notes so I can always go back and reflect on the learning.

Having found a few minutes during the recent holidays, I wanted to post my notes so those who are unable to attend the course (for many different reasons) can at least get some insight into it.

Wishing all the coaches out there the very best for 2015!


FAYM 2 – Course Notes


IMG_0948IMG_0950IMG_0972IMG_10282014-04-09 06.47.182014-04-09 07.14.472014-04-10 13.32.132014-04-10 13.32.192014-04-10 13.32.212014-04-10 13.32.302014-04-10 13.32.352014-04-10 13.32.372014-04-10 13.32.452014-04-14 09.42.212014-04-14 09.46.142014-04-14 10.08.252014-04-14 10.28.222014-04-14 10.49.052014-04-16 08.37.282014-04-16 09.04.102014-04-16 09.21.29

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