Book Review: The Modern Coach by Gary Curneen

Gary Curneen’s  ‘The Modern Coach 2014’ should be a part of every coach’s library. Gary has been able to truly grasp many of the trends of the modern player and found insightful ways to showcase different ideas for coaches to undertake in their own environments, to get the most out of each one of their players.

Reading the book for the first time I thought ‘WOW’ so much information to soak in, so I jotted down a few notes on areas I can make improvement within my own personal coaching. Having just recently been through the book for the second time, my list of AOI’s (area’s of improvement) have now been doubled.

Self-reflection has often been touted as an incredibly important tool not only for growth as a coach but growth as individuals as well. After all, coaches are no different than players and we must make mistakes in order to learn from them, but we can only truly learn through self-reflection.

This book has gone a step further because while many people preach reflect, reflect, reflect…. ‘The Modern Coach 2014’ has provided a foundation of ideas on which to reflect upon and the personal growth from doing so is what I feel most coaches will undoubtedly benefit from upon reading this book from cover to cover.

I highly recommend this book to any coach. For those who do not completely comprehend a four dimensional approach to development certainly will through the different examples found throughout the book.

To be clear and concise – It’s a Must Read!!

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