Small-Sided Game with Changing Numbers


Small Sided Game with Changing Numbers 

Objective: Help players recognize cues within the context of a game


2 Teams of 4+ Players, 2 Goalkeepers, 1 Neutral

Before play begins, the players assign themselves numbers from 1-4. During the course of the play the coach will call out a number, for example “4.” Both players with the assigned number must quickly run around one of the four poles on the side of the field before re-entering the field of play.

During the time that the players from both teams are moving around the field, the number situation of the game will change from 4v4 +1 to 3v3+1 and more specifically 4v3 for the attacking team.

Depending on the players who leave the field this can be an advantageous situation for the team on the ball. In the first diagram we can see the players are setup and playing the game. However, in the second diagram due to the call from the coach the most advanced Blue player and deepest Green player must both leave the field. As a result, the Blue player recognizes this and make a forward movement and receives a pass from a Blue teammate currently in possession of the ball.

Progressions: (1) Call out multiple numbers; (2) Call out a colour and number meaning only one player leaves the field

Coaching Points: Principles of play, Recognition of the changing situation, Players awareness to adapt to the different situations, Incisive attacking if the situation presents itself

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